Tales with Legs | Sue Bailey | all ages

Sue Bailey

Tales with Legs
Two legs, four legs, wooden legs, legs of races – these tales might just run away with you, or have you crossed legged or hopping on one leg.  A fun storytelling session with tales of all sorts  for anyone with none, one or more than one.

Sue tells tales to anyone and everyone.  She lives close to the beach and sometimes you might see her walking along the tideline telling a tale to the waves ( actually, she is practising, making sure she knows the story – but  she has found that seagulls make good listeners!)  Sometimes she tells folk tales, sometimes wonder tales, sometimes really old stories, sometimes new stories but the ones she likes best  often have a little twist in the tail.

Sat 18 Feb 2023
Tickets £3
All children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. All participants will need a ticket.

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