Catch a Falling Star | Lauren Fry | ages 5+

Inspired by the mystical majesty of stars, and their power to grant wishes, children will follow Perry Como’s advice and ‘catch a falling star and put it in your pocket’ saving it for a rainy day. Creating and crafting colourful puffy paper stars, beautifully decorated and filled with a secret wish, children can ensure their star never fades away by sneaking it into the wish-granting giant’s humongous coat left hanging nearby by a shy magical being.

Children will be invited into the giant’s workshop to experiment and explore tissue paper, tracing paper, paint and more than a spoonful of magic to create sparkling stars containing special wishes they hope will be granted by the gracious, gifted giant. 

Lauren is an art teacher and illustrator creating under the pseudonym Studio Wren.

Striving to create intriguing, immersive illustrations and stimulate conversation with one foot firmly planted in social history and celebrating the unsung. With a love of accessible, unpretentious materials and intense colour palettes Lauren is at her happiest guiding young people through creative adventures. 

Fri 17th Feb 2023
Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. All participants will need a ticket.

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