The Right Place at the Right Time | Felicity Fair Thompson | ages 7+

Inspired by the debut children’s book by illustrator Zoe Sadler, The Lighthouse Keeper fuses clowning, circus, comedy, and theatre in this quirky show that the whole family will enjoy.

Felicity will be reading out short sections of three books, showing the beautiful illustrations and photographs to illustrate the moments, and talking about what it is like to be in the right place at the right time.

After a short ballet career, Felicity became the first woman in Rank’s West End Cinema management, before settling on the Isle of Wight and making films and writing. Her film Carisbrooke Castle was broadcast on SKY TV, with other films shown on Australian television. Her published writing: children’s stories, magazine features, theatre reviews, staged plays, award winning poetry and novels. She has taught for Screen South, Connexions, IW College, independently, and young people with learning difficulties. Her children’s book Grandpa’s Dear Old Girl was published in 2021, and her memoir The Lights of Leicester Square in 2022.

Fri 17th Feb 2023
Tickets £3
Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. All participants must have a ticket.