The Lighthouse Keeper | Horsebox Theatre | ages 5+

Inspired by the debut children’s book by illustrator Zoe Sadler, The Lighthouse Keeper fuses clowning, circus, comedy, and theatre in this quirky show that the whole family will enjoy.

This is the tale of a Lighthouse Keeper who isn’t very good at his job and a fisherman who is lost at sea in his tiny boat sailing perilously close to the rocks. Will the fisherman be guided to safety by the beam of the lighthouse or will it go down in a watery whirl?

Created and performed by Joe Plumb (Artistic Director of Horse Box Theatre Company) with the lighthouse made by Shademakers UK influenced by the original illustrations by Zoe Sadler.

Fri 17th Feb 2023

Tickets £5
Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.
All participants must have a ticket.

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