The Treekeepers | Kieran Larwood | ages 8+

Liska lives in Arborven, a city surrounding an extraordinary tree that gives all those living there special powers. As a shapeshifter, Liska is training as a warrior. When she discovers that the Tree is under threat, it is her duty to act – but she can’t convince anyone to listen to her. So with Lug, whose power over earthworms is dismissed as useless, and a ghost-girl, Elowen, she goes on an epic journey to defeat the worst threat their world has ever known.

Kieran Larwood is the author of Middle Grade children’s book series The Five Realms and Carnival Of The Lost (Faber). He worked as a Reception class teacher for fifteen years, and has just about recovered. He now writes full time and drinks far too much coffee. He won the 2011 Times Children’s Fiction competition with his debut novel, and the 2017 Blue Peter Book Award for Podkin One-Ear, his second book.

Fri 17 Feb 2023
Tickets £4
Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. All participants need a ticket.

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