Schools Programme

What happens in schools…

The Schools’ Programme was first introduced as part of the Isle of Wight Literary Festival’s Youth Programme in 2014. Its aim is to inspire thousands of Island children to read, write, listen and tell stories, by bringing authors, storytellers and performers into a wide range of Island schools over a two day period.

This year the Schools’ Programme ran on Thursday and Friday 10th-11th October 2019.

Here is what the schools say about us:

  • ‘We feel so incredibly grateful for the fantastic opportunities made available to our children through the school’s programme – opportunities which we could never make happen ourselves in a time of ever-tightening school budgets. The children get so much from the experience of meeting such talented people making a living from writing and it was particularly nice to have the range of island and mainland authors this year. For the entire school, it is a real highlight of the year and words could never do justice to how grateful we are for the generosity of people’s time and financial support that gives this opportunity to our vulnerable children’.
  • ‘A buzz across the whole school.’
  • ‘very inspiring, children totally involved and wouldn’t stop for play!”
  • ‘Excellent engagement with children, friendly, great activities and talks.”
  • ‘A great event, very much appreciated by the school. You allow our children to be inspired and create memories for their life. Yet again, the literary festival has inspired and engaged our children. The author visits are so engaging and make reading irresistible. I love that many of the writers struggled at school but overcame their difficulties to write, and develop a love of reading. They certainly make reading a love for the children.’
  • ‘Thank you, we really value the opportunity to host authors and for children to have these experiences. We would struggle to finance author visits.’And the children say this:
  • ‘I so enjoyed writing a villainous character, I have never written one before and I thought I was good at it.’
  • ‘I can’t wait to read the book now.’
  • ‘I’m going to ask my mum if we can go to the Literary Festival at the weekend now.’

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