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Dave Fairlamb

Nature: for children 11 years or older: All the Way from Africa

Michael West Gallery

The amazing story of spring bird migration, set to pictures on screen, as millions of birds
set off from Africa and fly north to Europe for the breeding season. Follow Swallows,
Swifts and other birds on their epic journey.

40 years experience working in nature conservation for National Trust, RSPB, WWT and
Essex Wildlife Trust, now founder/owner of Natural Links, based on the Isle of Wight,
specialising in Wildlife Tourism and Nature Conservation Consultancy, connecting and
inspiring people with wildlife and the natural world.

Only children attending need a ticket; the accompanying adult does not need a ticket.

Natural Links

All the Way from Africa Thursday 15 Feb 16.00

Children under 12 must be accompanied.

PLEASE NOTE: the Ad Astra exhibition is currently running in the Michael West Gallery. Due to space restrictions we ask that only one adult accompanies your child/children. Do enjoy the wonderful costume exhibition, but please be mindful that they are pieces of artwork, and ask that children do not play with them.

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