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Hands-on Activity

Teresa Grimaldi

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Junk modelling: for children 5 years or older:
Vincent and the Mermaid: Creatures from Under the Sea

Michael West Gallery

Imagine you are organising a party but your cakes keep floating away. Tabitha mermaid is
facing such a challenge - plus none of the guests will turn up!


Following on from the performance Vincent and the Mermaid by Horse Box Theatre, join creative mastermind Teresa to make your own junk sea creatures. The book is written by Isle of Wight author Jules Marriner; you can buy a copy of the book at the bookshop in the cafe, and get it signed by Jules with a special message to the reader. This workshop is being run on behalf of Jules by Teresa Grimaldi.

Author and illustrator of 15+ books, Jules is well known on the Isle of Wight for her
eccentric stories with daft characters.


Shortlisted for the IW Book Awards 2022, Jules spends much of her time rescuing
animals and baking, although the first does not necessarily facilitate the second.

No need for a ticket! It's a FREE drop-in.


Teresa Grimaldi is an Artist, Puppet Maker and Educator based on the Isle of Wight.

Vincent and the Mermaid: Creatures from Under the Sea - junk modelling

Thursday 15 February 14.15

Children under 12 must be accompanied.

PLEASE NOTE: the Ad Astra exhibition is currently running in the Michael West Gallery. Due to space restrictions we ask that only one adult accompanies your child/children. Do enjoy the wonderful costume exhibition, but please be mindful that they are pieces of artwork, and ask that children do not play with them.

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