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Musical Theatre

The King's Pants Opera

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Musical Theatre: for children 5 years or older: The King's Pants Opera


The King’s Pants – a Majestic Tale of Missing Pants and Regal Adventures set to music with singing and audience participation.

Celebrate King Charles III's coronation with this hilarious story jam-packed with royal pants from the author of the award-winning, bestselling, funny family favourite The Queen's Knickers!

The King cannot rule without his Royal Pants. He has a pair for every occasion: coronation pants (he can't be crowned without them), organic pants (edible in royal emergencies) and even inflatable space-pants (because one never knows when they might come in handy). But in a boxer-shorts blunder at the Royal Mail, the King's undies have been posted to his subjects nationwide! With his Y-fronts gone wandering, how will the King possibly cope?

Highly acclaimed children’s author, illustrator and Patron of the IW Story Festival, Nicholas Allan, has given permission for this adaptation of his much-loved children’s story. Originally written for the King’s Coronation, The King’s Pants is now a family-friendly micro-opera to delight, entertain and amaze young audiences across the country.   

Opera Prelude supports the professional development of post-graduate singers in the transitional period between leaving Conservatoire and embarking on a professional career by offering them the opportunity to participate in our yearly programme of opera related performances.  We are passionate about bringing opera to new audiences and our friendly and informal events form a bridge across the footlights.

This performance is generously sponsored by Age Unlimited.

Every person attending needs a ticket.


The King's Pants Opera Saturday 17 February 15.30

Children under 12 must be accompanied.

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