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Hands-on Activity

Master of Disguise

Special effects workshop: for children 12 years or older:

More Horrific Makeup Effects by Master of Disguise

Michael West Gallery

By the end of this session you will be able to frighten and disgust your friends. With new
make up styles from last year’s Horror tutorial, we will be instructing you how to produce
some quick and effective special effect techniques to try on yourselves!

Makeup and tools are provided for the session.

Please bring an old top to wear, as fake blood will stain clothing.

Attendees should check they do not have allergies to using latex or body paints or special

Robin is the founder of the 'Master of Disguise' company and the Isle of Wight Cosplayers group. He previously had 20 years in carnival/costume making and in recent years also worked as the Public Relations officer for the world's largest Star Wars costume club.

Only children attending need a ticket; the accompanying adult does not need a ticket.

More Horrific Makeup Effects by Master of Disguise Thursday 15 February 18.00

Children under 12 must be accompanied.

PLEASE NOTE: the Ad Astra exhibition is currently running in the Michael West Gallery. Due to space restrictions we ask that only one adult accompanies your child/children. Do enjoy the wonderful costume exhibition, but please be mindful that they are pieces of artwork, and ask that children do not play with them.

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