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Hands-on Activity

Lauren Fry

Making workshop: for children 3 years or older:

What’s a stick? Stanley Stick inspired workshop

Michael West Gallery

What could you do with a bundle of sticks? Build a house for a little pig? Start a fire for
marshmallow roasting? Make a raft for a river adventure? There are so many things you
can do with a bundle of sticks if you just add a little imagination. But what if you only had
one stick? What could that simple stick become? A magician’s wand, a rock star’s guitar,
a sorcerer’s sword or an artist’s paintbrush?

Join Studio Wren to explore the endless possibilities of what happens when you mix a
stick, a spoonful of imagination and a sprinkling of crafty delights!

Lauren is an art teacher and illustrator creating under the pseudonym Studio Wren.
Striving to create intriguing, immersive illustrations and stimulate conversation with one
foot firmly planted in social history and celebrating the unsung. With a love of accessible,
unpretentious materials and intense colour palettes Lauren is at her happiest guiding
young people through creative adventures.

Only children attending need a ticket; the accompanying adult does not need a ticket.


What’s a Stick? Stanley Stick inspired workshop Friday 16 February 14.45

Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

PLEASE NOTE: the Ad Astra exhibition is currently running in the Michael West Gallery. Due to space restrictions we ask that only one adult accompanies your child/children. Do enjoy the wonderful costume exhibition, but please be mindful that they are pieces of artwork, and ask that children do not play with them.

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