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Hands-on Activity

Tony Trowbridge

Graffiti: for children 11 years or older: Graffiti - Art on the Run

Rope Store

Stories from the streets - a life on the fringes with an introduction to street art. Tony will show how to create and use stencils and stickers in this hands-on workshop to produce your very own masterpiece from recycled stuff.

Tony’s tag is Notdeadyet; you might have seen his art. Tony is a street and graffiti artist, and muralist. He has plied his trade over the past 20 years throughout Europe and further afield, exhibiting in Paris, Barcelona, Sao Paulo, and many other parts of the world distributing free art and handmade stickers.

Only children attending need a ticket; the accompanying adult does not need a ticket.


Graffiti - art on the run Thursday 15 February 16.30

Children under 12 must be accompanied.

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