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Kes Gray

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Book talk: for children 6 years or older: Kes Gray, Live and Dangerous!


Over a childhood spanning 63 and a third years, Oi Frog creator Kes has become the most dangerous children’s author in the world. Part story- teller, part Jedi Knight, part X-Man, he is danger with a capital D, waiting to happen with a capital H. Come and hear him talk about the danger in both his life and his books. There will be whales, there will be nails, there will be exploding meatballs and there will be crumbs. Be afraid, be very afraid. With a capital A.

Children’s author Kes Gray is best known and much loved for his Oi Frog picture- book and ‘Daisy Trouble’ chapter- book series. His twenty-year, award- winning career embraces more than 100 published stories and his relentless search for the new and the next keeps his pen forever pointed at the page.

Every person attending needs a ticket.

Find Kes Gray Here

Kes Gray, Live and Dangerous! Saturday 17 February 13.15

Children under 12 must be accompanied.

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