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Kate Weston


Book talk: for children 12 years or older: Murder On A School Night, Diary of a Confused Feminist,
Must Do Better


Kate Weston is an ex-stand-up comedian and the author of the YA Comedy Murder
Mystery: Murder On A School Night, as well as Diary of a Confused Feminist and Must Do
Better. Diary of a Confused Feminist was long listed for the Comedy Women in Print Prize
and nominated for the Carnegie Medal.

Murder on a School Night:

There’s never a good time to find a dead body. But finding a dead body while you’re trying to kiss your crush? Dead awkward. All Kerry wants to do is stay at home with her rom-coms and strict retainer schedule. Instead, her BFF Annie has roped her into going to their first sixth-form party to investigate who’s cyberbullying Heather, the most popular girl in school. On the cusp of kissing her dreamy crush, Scott, Kerry discovers the body of Heather’s second in command – suffocated with a menstrual cup. Within days, another student turns up dead, this time with a sanitary pad across the eyes. Now Annie and Kerry are officially on the case to stop the menstrual murderer . . . period.

Diary of a Confused Feminist:
Meet Kat Evans: Feminist. Overthinker. Hot mess. A hilarious antidote to our Insta-perfect world, Diary of a Confused Feminist is for girls who want to do it right but always feel they’re getting it wrong... 15-year-old Kat wants to do GOOD FEMINISM, although she’s not always sure what that
means. She also wants to be a writer, get together with Hot Josh (is this a feminist ambition?), win at her coursework and not make a TOTAL EMBARRASSMENT of herself at all times. 
But the path to true feminism is filled with mortifying incidents, muddling moments and Instagram hell. And it doesn’t help that Hot Josh is just, well, properly, distractingly hot. And when everything at school starts to get a bit too much, Kat knows she’s lost her way, and the only way forward is to ask for help ... Bold, authentic and laugh-out-loud funny, Kat’s diary fearlessly navigates her way through life, love and teenage anxiety.

Every person attending needs a ticket.

Murder On A School Night, Diary of a Confused Feminist, Must Do Better

Thursday 15 February 14.30

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