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Simon Whitworth

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Book talk: for children 11 years or older:
Introduction into the world of Jessie Granton and The Invisible Steps.

Seminar Room

Come along and learn about the extraordinary world of Jessie Granton and the Bellas. Understand the truth behind turbulence shocks and a land that hovers above, but never seen. Who really occupies the Earth and who lives among us.

14 year old Jessie is the next relayer upon Bluebell wood. She is gifted with the ability to see 24 hours into the future and is now entrusted to look after the world below. Jessie is helped by the Bellas, a woodland creature with human characteristics. 

As four dark lords rise from Earth, Jessie is tricked into facing them and to find Greschen, the missing daughter of mother nature. A mystery unravels the truth, leaving Jessie’s affinity with nature to save Greschen from the four lords, and their desire to harness Greschen’s power.

Simon Whitworth is an author, composer,  songwriter and live performer. In his late teens early 20s Simon was a member of the pop sensation G.I Orange and has spent a lifetime creating.

Only children attending need a ticket; the accompanying adult does not need a ticket.

Introduction into the world of Jessie Granton and The Invisible Steps

Friday 16 February 10.00

Children under 12 must be accompanied.

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