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Francesca Simon

Book talk: for children 6 years or older: Two Terrible Vikings with Francesca Simon


What if your parents WANTED you to behave badly? Set in the snowy fjords of a Viking
kingdom, the terrible twins, Hack and Whack, are proud to be the best worst vikings.
With whip-smart dialogue, and accompanied by Dennis the Menace style anarchic
cartoon imagery, The Two Terrible Vikings series is as sharp, funny and compelling as you
would expect from the reigning Queen of Comedy.

Join Francesca Simon, best-selling creator of Horrid Henry, as she introduces the third
book in the series. You will learn about Viking history, Norse mythology and the wild,
wintery world of Two Terrible Vikings: Feast with the King!

Every person attending needs a ticket.

Two Terrible Vikings with Francesca Simon Saturday 17 February 11.45

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